Why Your Small Business Need A Great Website?

You might be surprised to know that nearly half of all small businesses don’t have a website.  In this article,  we will emphasize why your small business needs a great website?

It’s almost impossible to overstate the importance of website ownership to businesses, large and small alike. The Internet gives even the smallest of startup companies a chance to connect with millions of potential customers. A well-designed website for a small business is the best chance of making a lasting impression on your target audience.

Knowing why a good website is important is key. So, in this article, I’ll explain why a good website is a crucial element in marketing your small business.

Why a Website is Important for Your Business?

First Impressions Count
Let’s face it – we live in a world where people Google before they shop, visit online review sites like Yelp before they buy, and “check-in” via Facebook as they go about their days. Because of this, you want your first impression to be the best it can be. Beginning with your website, consumers are passing judgment and making decisions about whether or not they will even visit your store, restaurant, or office. They’re likely to dismiss you entirely, as well, should they believe your website doesn’t reflect the kind of experience your business – or a business like yours – should offer.

Think of a website as the front porch of your business. You want to make a strong first impression, don’t you? Especially if you provide services that aren’t fixed to a physical location. If that’s the case, your website might be the only contact or frame of reference potential customers have upfront, which should only emphasize the importance of a great website even more.

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A Custom Site Is Cost-Effective

For one thing, putting time and money into a strong website is one of the few ROIs that can be guaranteed, especially when considering the cost and risk of more conventional advertising campaigns. After the upfront expenses of designing and developing your website, the actual day to day maintenance shouldn’t break the bank.

Your website is a sales tool. If you factor the cost of maintenance and compare that to the salary or commission of a potential salesperson, then investing the right amount of money for a good website is a no brainer.

A Well Designed Site Is Important For Visibility

To a brick-and-mortar business, location is everything. Opening your store in a place where lots of potential customers see you can provide a huge boost to the success of your business as it increases traffic and exposure. That said, today many businesses offer goods and services to people who’ve never set foot in their physical location, owing to an established online presence utilizing a responsive website.

The Internet provides the potential for you to market to many millions of people by setting up an online store. However, it’s not possible to reach those customers in your desired audience if they don’t know you exist. Studies show that 70 to 80 percent of consumers research businesses online when deciding whether to buy their goods or services. If they search for your business and can’t find a website, it’s almost as if you don’t exist.

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A Great Website Provides Accessibility 24/7

A great website is accessible, not only for you to make any changes or updates, but for your customers as well. Unlike a brick and mortar location, your website operates at all hours of the day. This means you’re not locked into the traditional 9-5 workday for potential new customers to find and seek you out. It seems obvious, but it’s important to think about your digital presence in these terms, which will in turn help illustrate exactly why it’s so important to have a good website for business.

Your Competitors Are Already Online

If you are attempting to establish yourself in an industry, no matter what it is, then you should assume that your biggest competitors already have a web presence. Take a moment — think of the biggest name in any given industry. Chances are, they have a website and so do their competitors.

If your business doesn’t have a website, you’re operating at the back of the pack. However, simply building a website isn’t necessarily all it takes to make you competitive. You have to proactively design it to offer better content and convince customers that what you’re selling is infinitely better than other companies.

Communicate Instantly

If your site is accessible to your customers, that means your customers are more accessible to you. A good landing page can help you make direct contact with visitors, improving your overall customer service. Great web designs offer easy to use email forms and make other means of contact readily available. Furthermore, potentially adding features like live chats or 24/7 coverage can ensure you’re always there to answer a customer’s question.

Establish Credibility

Not even the most hipster-centric businesses can get away with not having a website in today’s world. Just having an active online presence that looks like it’s regularly kept up, modern and helps accurately communicate your message, products, and services immensely adds to your credibility.

Furthermore, a solid web presence also means your business will be available for online reviews. Taking an active role in building a positive brand reputation through Google reviews will only help you more in the long run. Additionally, the best website designs utilize some form of real customer testimonials. It’s an organic way to establish your credibility as a business all based on your past customers. Any new visitors to your site will see those testimonials, which will, in turn, help build trust and brand loyalty.

Strong SEO and Local Reach

Speaking of Google searches, wouldn’t it be nice to find your website on the first page of results when researching your industry. Great website designs that are backed by strong search engine optimization will help you get there.

Having a strong website that ranks well in local and national searches is important. It’ll give you an edge over your competitors and help you establish yourself over a long period. Plus, it further increases your credibility as the best in your industry. Cast a wide net and give yourself a real chance to connect with your audience.

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Makes Marketing Efforts Easier

A good website is a jumping-off point for the rest of your digital efforts. You need a central place to connect all of your social media accounts. Housed your original videos, photos, blogs, or other engaging content in one centralized hub, helping to build a strong, cohesive vision for your growing brand. It stands to reason that your overall marketing efforts will be that much easier with everything under one roof. Great website designs make it easy to track what works well on your site. Not sure about that call to action button? Test it and come up with a better plan of attack.

Generate Leads, Drive Conversions

At the end of the day, the importance of a good website for business comes down to one thing: growth. Great design, fully fleshed out content, creating avenues of communication, building trust – they should all lead to generating more business for you. A great website will make it easier for you to generate new leads, and in turn, drive more conversions. More conversions mean more growth for your business and the opportunity to continually improve.

At Strategic Digital Media, we build and maintain beautiful websites every day that help our clients grow. Our full-time job is working at a marketing agency developing web experiences that only use modern strategies and techniques to better position our clients for the future. We know how confusing and frustrating it can be for small businesses to navigate a competitive digital landscape.

The websites we design lead to more conversions. Not only will you rank better than your competition, but you’ll have the opportunity to gain more leads, which means better growth for you and your business over time. Contact us today at [email protected] or call us at (209) 502-9563 and get started with your new website. Whether you’re starting from scratch or just looking for a redesign, we’re here to help.



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Social Media Marketing: A Crucial Tool for Small Business Success

In this article, I will explain why Social Media Marketing is a crucial tool for small business success.  First, let’s get the real meaning of social media marketing.

Wikipedia’s definition of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the use of social media platforms and websites to promote a product or service. Advertising using social network platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and also to drive traffic to your website. This involves publishing great material on your social network profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running the best social media ads.

Utilizing a social media marketing strategy in your business turns out to be one of the very best methods to get your name out there and build your brand. It gives you the chance to interact with fans, clients, and potential clients on a more personal level. More importantly, it’s a great way to market your services and products and to build and sustain your brand.

Strategic Digital Media is a Social Media Marketing Company for small businesses in Stockton CA. Our marketing specialists have extensive knowledge of social media marketing tips for small businesses. Contact us today for your social media strategy plan!

5 Advantages to Why Social Network Marketing Is A Crucial Tool for Small Business Success

1.   Affordable & Efficient Digital Marketing
Social advertising is regarded as the second-most effective form of digital marketing. It is still one of the cheapest ways to market. Advertising using social media is continuously progressing and adjusting, it has actually evolved into an effective internet marketing resource for companies and brands, yet shockingly more than one-third of small to medium-sized businesses have no social media existence at all.

Regrettably, many businesses consistently miss the opportunity of customer engagement on social network sites due to lack of time, not having a social media strategy plan that was not created by Strategic Digital Media an experienced social media marketing group.

There is a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to advertising on social media. If you’ve never tried it before, the Facebook Ad Manager can be intimidating, and the same goes for the other platforms. Once you start to find your way around, however, you can develop a rhythm that works for your business. Once you do, you’ll realize that advertising using social media is not any more complicated than traditional marketing. In fact, it can be even more efficient because it allows you to reach a targeted group.

2.   It Allows You to Connect with Your Audience
Not everyone is on Facebook, or Twitter, or Instagram. Most people, however, do spend time on at least one social media platform. If you can meet your audience where they already unwind, you are already over one of the outreach hurdles.

This narrowed attention will enable you to connect with your audience on an emotional level, but it also means you can provide engaging visuals as well as useful information and facts. These different modes help you build a stronger bond with your viewers, ultimately leading them to be customers.

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3.   The Process Helps You Learn About Your Audience
Social media marketing isn’t just about ads. It actually gives you the chance to interact with your audience and learn more about them. You can use these platforms to learn the wants and needs of your potential customers. You can establish yourself as an authority, as a resource user turns to because they trust you.

In addition to this direct contact, you can also discover a great deal about your audience through the data gathered by the platforms. At the most basic level, you can quickly find out what types of ads work for your audience. You will learn what appeals to them and how you can gain their attention.

Tools like the Facebook pixel also allow you to see what types of people are clicking your content and whether or not they are converting or need to be retargeted with a new ad. As time goes by, you will gain an awareness of who your ideal customer is and how you can serve them. This information just isn’t offered in traditional marketing models, certainly not for such a small investment.

4. Social Media Builds Brand Loyalty
Often, small businesses struggle to get their name known, without feeling like it’s being drowned by wave after wave of advertising. This is especially important for service industries where it isn’t always easy to distinguish between one company and the next.

Brand loyalty is one solution to this dilemma. It helps ward off the competition and keeps your audience engaged and enthusiastic. Fortunately, an effective social media strategy helps establish and strengthen brand loyalty. This means less effort in keeping the brand-new customers you worked so hard to transform.

5. You Can Get Ahead of Your Competition

Best Digital Marketing for Small Business Stockton CA
In many traditional marketing techniques, the brick and mortar businesses often have had a tough time competing with the larger conglomerates. With social advertising, however, the playing field is much more level. While you might not have the budget of large corporations in your industry, you have the personal touch and authenticity that your customers crave.

When it comes to competing with other brick and mortar businesses, this is an area that is still largely pristine. Some of your competitors might have dipped their toes into the social media scene, however, the majority of them are not operating with a well-formed strategy. If you can execute a true social media marketing strategy, you still have the chance to stake your claim on whatever platform you choose.

Social media marketing is here to stay, and you need to start taking advantage of it. There is a lot to learn, but it doesn’t mean you have to drop all the things that you already do well. Instead, make sure that your audience knows about all that great stuff. If you start small and work smart, you’ll have your first campaign behind you, and you’ll realize that it isn’t so scary.

There is no denying that Social media marketing has many advantages for small businesses. By routinely modifying the right social media marketing strategy for your business you will have increased traffic, better Search Engine Optimization, enhanced brand loyalty, strong customer satisfaction and much more. The sooner you start, the quicker you see the progress in your business. Call Strategic Digital Media to schedule your free consultation.

Do I Need To Hire A Social Network Promotion Company?

Social Media Marketing Companies near me Stockton CA

When managing your business’ social media accounts, you should not put all your eggs in one basket. Yes, they are all social media platforms, but they are different in their own way. Just like businesses in the same industry, each of these social media networks has its own strengths and features that can be useful to your business. That’s why it’s crucial for you to have an effective social advertising strategy on more than one platform.

But wouldn’t that be time-consuming? If you do it yourself, yes it can consume your time and resources. But the good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself. We can help you and our social media management pricing packages are affordable.

Contact Strategic Digital Media today at [email protected] or call us at (209) 502 – 9563 and let us help you grow your brand and your business by implementing SMM as a marketing tool in your marketing strategy.


Digital Marketing and it’s Benefits to Small Businesses

GMB Benefits For Small Businesses

Digital Marketing and it’s Benefits to Small Businesses

Small business owners, have you created a digital marketing strategy for your company this year and beyond? If not, then have you at least considered the importance of a marketing strategy for this year?

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Don’t worry, it’s not too late. In this article, Strategic Digital Media will outline a few key reasons that highlight the importance of a marketing strategy for your business in 2020 and the years to come. Strategic Digital Media is a digital marketing agency for small businesses located in Stockton CA. We offer and specialize in providing custom-tailored strategic digital marketing strategies and solutions for small businesses in San Joaquin County.

What Is Digital Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is the component of marketing that utilizes the internet and online-based digital technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones, and other digital media and platforms to promote products and services. Simply put, digital marketing is marketing that is done online.

The Importance of An Internet Marketing Strategy for Small Businesses

The group of possible consumers that are found online is a much larger group of individuals than you are likely to attract locally. When using an internet marketing strategy in your business you can reach an enormous audience in a way that is both cost-effective and quantifiable.

Other benefits of digital marketing services include:

• The capability to engage with your potential customers and learn precisely what they are looking for.

• The capability to reach a worldwide market.

• You can conserve money and reach more customers for less money than conventional marketing techniques.

• You can get to know your audience by engaging with them and they can get to know you and assist you in building brand loyalty.

• You can track responses to your marketing efforts instantly.

Business Owners, Are You Postponing An Online Marketing Strategy?

Why would you choose to postpone putting time and effort into an online marketing strategy that you will benefit from? Many small business owners may come up with a variety of reasons to avoid online marketing, but in the end, procrastination is still procrastination.

Some small business owners sometimes believe that you don’t have the time or the money to be competitive online.

Other small business owners may even think the best strategy is just to wait for customers to appear at the doors of their business. You may even believe you only need a small number of customers a day to keep your doors open.

This is not an efficient marketing strategy. There is never a guarantee that your company will attract clients simply by existing and even if it does, you may not attract as many clients as you need to make your company profitable.

Your Customers Are Online

Digital Marketing services for Small Business Stockton CA

If you have been dodging online marketing, is it simply because you are not ready? Is it because you don’t understand it? Or is it because you believe you do not have the budget for it? Or do you think you just don’t need it; your business is doing just fine?

The issue with this approach is that your clients and prospective consumers are currently online. There’s a great chance they may currently be looking for a business like yours, however, if they can’t find your business easily, they are probably going to choose your competitor who utilizes an online marketing strategy.

Potential consumers expect to find you there with a website and have a presence on social media. They may be searching for reviews so they can read what current and past clients have stated about your company and whether it is a good place to do business.

If prospective consumers can’t locate you online, they might conclude that your company isn’t credible. There is a very good possibility that many of these potential customers might decide not to take your business seriously and they will quickly head to your competition and make a purchase. This is lost revenue for you.

Once they have made that decision, they most likely won’t return.

Your Competitors Are Online

Small Business Marketing Solutions Stockton CA

For your business to be profitable, you need to be attentive to what your competition is doing and learn from them. Consider your competitors as someone that you are planning to beat, however as individuals who have something that you can learn and gain from.

When you look at what your competitors are doing, you will get some concept of what is working and what isn’t working. What kind of content are they using? Are they blogging, or are they utilizing video marketing?

How do they convey their brand and what makes their business stand out, what sets them apart from you? How well do they captivate their audience? Do you believe you can do better? You can’t if you don’t participate in competing in the digital world.

Most likely, whatever type of business industry you are in, your competitors have already established online existence. When your potential customers begin searching online for a company comparable to yours and they can come across your rivals’ website but not yours, your company doesn’t stand a chance in the race. In this scenario, your rivals have just raced ahead of you regardless of whether they have an efficient website or a simple message. Your potential customers can’t choose you if they don’t know about you. Stockton CA businesses if you don’t exist online you are potentially losing an abundance of sales.

Be Accessible to Your Customers

Small Business Marketing Companies near me Stockton CA

It’s clear that in today’s digital world, the first place the average customer searches for what they desire is online. Whatever service or product they are trying to find, they will most likely begin their search with Google. If you have no online presence at all, you won’t be found, and you can’t compete.

Simple questions that your potential customers may want quick answers should be quickly visible online, such as where you are located, what your business hours are and what your specialty. By looking at your website and your competitors’ websites side by side, your potential customers should have the ability to compare hours, rates, special deals and more.

This is why it’s imperative for you to know what your competitors are up to. Your potential customers are currently examining both you and your competitors. They are comparing you against each other. What are they discovering about your business?

Let Customers Come to You

Best Online Marketing Companies for Small Business Stockon CA

Think about online marketing as a strategy to make yourself available to individuals you are attempting to reach to provide your services and products. The range of your company can reach well beyond the walls of your business. Having an online presence enables you to attract a much larger audience than you possibly could by just catering to local potential customers.

Having a website allows your company to be open for business even when it’s closed. Your website can generate sales, while you sleep. A website can create an environment in which your clients can reach you anytime day or night. At their convenience, potential customers and consumers can send you emails with concerns, make purchases and search your inventory.

Get to Know Your Target Audience

Small Business Marketing Agency Stockton CA

Digital marketing enables you to engage with your potential customers. You can gradually get to know them and what their desires are. On social networks or a blog site, you can begin a discussion, run a survey or attempt to get to know them. Pay attention to their comments and their responses to surveys.

By interacting with people digitally, you can start to get to know what they are looking for. Where is their pain? What is keeping them up at night? What solutions can you offer to them? Instead of trying to guess, internet marketing permits you tools and techniques for discovering who your clients are.

In this way, you start to build a relationship with your customers. You become much more than a business. You become a trusted partner. People are much more likely to buy from businesses that they have already bought from.

Few types of marketing are as affordable as online marketing. Small company owners often try to get as much as possible done on a tight budget. Many types of digital marketing allow you to convey your brand and reach a large target audience even when your budget is tightly stretched.

Compared to marketing on television, radio or through direct-mail advertising, digital marketing expenses are significantly less and reach a much larger audience at the very same time. Utilizing digital marketing to promote your small company will assist you to have a far better possibility of your company having success.

It’s clear. Businesses need an online marketing strategy to compete. Online is where your clients are. It’s where they would rather have you to connect with them.

Now that you get the value of digital marketing. That does not make it simple to execute techniques that get you the ROI you’re looking for. Find out how Strategic Digital Media can help you employ a marketing strategy to grow your business. Give us a call to schedule a consultation: (209) 502-9563.


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Social Media Marketing: A Crucial Tool for Small Business Success